About CashXL

CashXL is a innovative analytics company in Fintech space. Our core expertise is in the domain and the passion for delivering delightful and hassle-free customer experience. Our innovative solutions are backed by Big-Data and complex mathematical algorithms. Our solutions help institutions to conduct a in-depth analysis of the financial health and digitally verify the identity of the customers, thus fastening their decision-making process. CashXl offers analytics, verification and data aggregation tools to help you efficiently manage risks and at the same time optimising processes and operations. @CashXL, we are continuously innovating with solutions such as Bank Statement Analyzer, Data Aggregation, GST Compliance Monitoring, ITR Analysis etc., for both corporates and individuals.


Create Country's most innovative & intelligent solutions oriented organisation by delivering next-generation digital propositions to institutions for credit, monitoring, verification, validation, regulatory and compliance.


CashXL Official API Docs, to facilitate easier and faster integration with appropriate Requests and Responses


Quick Customer Onboarding

Determine your Customer's identity in seconds


Regulatory Compliant

Compliant with UIDAI, KYC, AML, MCA, Income Tax department, Government's IT policies and all other regulations



Customisable with Process/ Business flows


Plug & Play Integration

CashXl's APIs are quick & easy to integrate.


Digital Identity Verification

With our Data Aggregation tools you can do Online verification of KYC documents (PAN, Aadhar, Voter ID, Driving Licence, SME registration, etc.) of your Customers/ Borrowers- both for individual and company.


Data Aggregation

We have linked to various public data sources. So, if you deal with SMEs or a Retail division of any Bank or Financial Institutions, this tool will help you to automate and streamline your processes. Here following aspects are covered:

Corporate eKYC & Compliance

Retail eKYC


Loan Management System

Loan management systems help automate the entire loan lifecycle. Depending on requirements, these programs can assist in part or whole. The software can help with processing customer information, create new loans, and more. They can also provide lenders with accurate statements and reports. Moreover, they can manage interest rates and provide the tools for collection automation.

These automated loan management/lending systems outshine legacy systems in many ways. Being a digitized system, it also caters to the newer generation of customers. It also reduces manual errors and risks.


Phone data/ SMS Analytics

CashXL's will only access bulk transactional SMSs with filters for SMSs containing OTPs, passwords or any similar identifiers. Monitoring & Collection of bulk SMSs (e.g. ones sent by wallet,bank, etc.) for credit risk assessment (in accordance with Android platform ecosystem). This would be available as simple & easy to integrate API.


Human Resource Management

Human resource management as a department in an organisation handles all aspects of employees and has various functions like human resource planning, Conducting Job analysis, recruitment and conducting job interviews, selection of human resources, Orienting , training, compensating,Providing benefits and incentives, appraising, retaining,Career planning, Quality of Work Life, Employee Discipline, black out human resource auditing, maintenance of industrial relationship, looking after welfare of employees and safety issues , communicating with all employees at all levels and maintaining awareness of and compliance with local, state and federal labor laws.

Employees can request loans which are then reviewed, approved, and converted to loan agreement which include terms of payment, interest rate, and the life of the loan. In the case of a simple advance the system just notes the amount given as an advance. During the payroll process the payroll module will take any outstanding loan or advance payments and consider those when calculating the individuals payout for the month.


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